The theater was built on the north side of the square in Waxahachie, TX


Frances Moffett Simpson inherited the building, now called The Simpson Building.

Part of the property was leased out to Edison Entertainment Co., which showed moving pictures in The Theatorium.


The Majestic Theatre opened in the same building, and The Theatorium moved to the west side of the square.


The theater became The Dixie Theatre.


The second story landing a was added to increase seating.


The theater was renamed The Ritz, and it opened and moved the movie screen from the front-of-house to the back.

The new interior design added ornate decorations on the ceilings and walls. Admission at this time ranged from 10-30 cents. In 1938, The Ritz closed due to damage caused by a fire in the balcony.


A newly rebuilt Texas Theater officially opened on March 31, 1939.

It boasted a new neon sign out front, along with upgraded lighting, projection and air conditioning. “Jesse James,” a 20th Century-Fox Technicolor film starring Tyronne Power, was the first movie shown.


The theater reopened in 1942 after yet another fire and rebuild.

Over the next several decades, the building was used by various businesses.


The theater was purchased by the City of Waxahachie Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone.

The city’s five-year development agreement with Lake-Moreno Partners was never fulfilled, and the building sat empty for most of the next decade.


Local couple Jon and Alyssa Garrett bought the theater with plans to restore it to its former art-deco glory and create an entertainment hub in downtown Waxahachie.